Hungarian-English 🇭🇺🇬🇧, English-Hungarian 🇬🇧🇭🇺 Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

agent-18762 copy the interpreter sits in a booth wearing a pair of headphones and speaks into a microphone. consecutive-interpreting the speaker stops every 1–5 minutes and the interpreter puts what was said into the target language.

Accompanying interpreting

Multimedia interpreting

whispering The interpreter accompanies the client to events such as fairs and buiness meetings, dinners, etc. The accompanying interpreter translates what is said into the foreign language to the client, and expresses what the client wants to ask or say in the foreign language. internet The interpreter translates you over the phone / skype / viber / facetime or any other applications.

Online conference interpreting

Chuchotage interpreting

 conference The interpreter translates you the online conference. interpret
Chuchotage interpretation is a type  of simultaneous interpretation – for a small group – mostly 2-4  people 2 – when the technical conditions for the booth are not available.

Interpreter in Action


Budapest, Hungary – seminar
consecutive interpreting

012-Szlovakia Pozsony 2012

Radisson hotel – Bratislava, Slovakia
Life improvement seminar
Simultaneous interpretation


Budapest, Hungary – Consecutive Interpreting


Budapest, Hungary – cosmetics company

product show

Consecutive Interpreting


Budapest, Hungary – Venezuelan author’s lecture

Consecutive Interpreting

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 15.23.12


CS:GO Player Profiles – interview interpretation for the family – Komárno

 Consecutive interpretation

English – Hungarian / Hungarian – English:

In person or skype conference interpreting.

Order interpretation


Interpretation Eur / hours Eur / all day (8 hours)
Simultaneous interpreting 62 € / 60 min 350 € / 8 hours
Consecutive interpreting 38  € / 60 min 240 € / 8 hours
Accompanying interpreting 30 € /60 min 200 € / 8 hours
Chuchotage interpreting 30 € /60 min 200 € / 8 hours
On the phone or skype

30 € /60 min

200 € / 8 hours

For four hours or less : The hourly fee is charged multiplied by the number of hours. Every hour started will be charged.

For all the services 60 minutes is the minimum fee.

Interpretation on the phone or skype: The fee is 16 €/30 min each started half hour after the first hour


  • If you order our service for 3 days or longer we give you 10% from the whole price;


  • When working outside of Komarom/Komárno cost of the trip is also invoiced.

The hourly fees are informative, subject to change.

  • The additional costs resulting from the location and duration are borne by the contractor.


The calculation of other business expenses is based on the following points:

Travel fee:

  • There is no travel fee in Komárom/ Komárno.
  • Travel, accommodation and meal costs are always paid by the customer.
  • Outside the administrative boundaries of Komárom/Komárno, but if you order within the countries’s borders (Slovakia/ Hungary) no travel costs will incur if the client takes care of the travel of the interpreter
  • In case the interpreter travels individually:
  • Travelling by car – tha calculation is based on the petrol fee and mileometers
  • In contentious cases it is based on GOOGLE driving directions – the calculated fastest return trip (there and back)
  • In case of other transportation it is based on the ticket
  • In case there are other costs – (motorway tolls, etc.) they have to be paid by the client.
  • In orders within the territory of Hungary and Slovakia a waiting fee will be charged pro rata for the duration of the return trip.
  • The calculation of the waiting fee abroad is always subject of individual consideration.
  • In case it is available for you – you can choose skype or videoconference interpretation.


The prices are gross prices.

Order interpretation

The agreement between the parties is a contract concluded by electronic means.

Pricing information

Meal and accommodation costs:

  • In case of longer orders (in case of orders in excess of six hours’ duration, but less than one day with waiting periods and / or standby time) costs of a single meal ; in case of multi-day or foreign orders costs of full board (three meals a day of acceptable quaility, round-trip travel and accommodation) are borne by the contractor.
  • For foreign orders 12 hours a day work is counted regardless of the actual time worked, which is valid on the day of departure and return date as well.
  • The interpreter should be provided with the same quality of accommodation, travel as the client.

Standby fee:

  • If the interpreter shows up on the scheduled date, but the event to be interpreted is cancelled – a standby fee shall be paid from the appearance of the interpreter till the disclosure of cancellation – the hourly rate (minimum two hours). When calculating the standby fee each hour started is calculated as a whole.
  • If the interpreter appears on the scheduled time, a standby fee is shall be paid until the start of interpreting – which is 50% of the interpretation fee for every started hour.
  • In case the event to be interpreted is interrupted and continues after 1 hour of waiting on the same day a standby fee shall be paid until the continuation of the interpretation.
  • In case the event to be interpreted is interrupted and does not continue on the same day a standby fee shall be paid for every started hour until the disclosure of cancellation.When calculating the standby fee each hour started is calculated as a whole.